About Us

Here at VIDA we focus on delivering high quality, fully accredited beauty training courses. Our courses are accredited with ABT. 

We are passionate about our clients coming to you with hope to get the best skin they've ever had. We are confident given the correct knowledge and training that you will be able to provide this for your clients. Skin is such an important part of our body and I think we can all agree that it is something that is a representation of us. Everybody is becoming a lot more aware of how their skin should be treated and are looking to go down alternative routes rather than just botox and fillers. The courses we provide can help with these types of clients needs and lots of other extra benefits too.

Our courses are delivered by our qualified and experienced beauty professionals who have been in your position and have the knowledge to answer your questions.

If you are a beauty professional and interested in offering a course with ourselves, or would like to hold one at your salon please email us at info@vidatrainingacademy.com